Development Process

We use a number of tools to manage the code and development of flake8-diff:

  • git is our version control system
  • Github for tracking issues, and handling our code review process
  • Travis CI to run our tests, and Coveralls to track test coverage
  • Sphinx to handle our documentation

Getting started

To get setup for development you can follow the below steps:

  • Fork the repository from

  • Clone and install requirements:

    $ git clone
    $ mkvirtualenv flake8-diff
    $ pip install -r requirements.pip
  • Add a remote to the upstream project to track changes

    $ git remote add -f upstream
  • Check out develop or create a feature branch off develop

    $ git checkout -b develop upstream/develop
    $ git push -u origin develop
  • Do your work, commit and push, then open a pull request to upstream on the develop branch.

  • Handle any review comments, add more commits and push